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Amira isn’t your average 15-year-old girl. Orphaned at three years old, she’s never needed anyone and has learned to face what she’s afraid of. This comes in handy when in the forest, her fears come alive. While most people in the Kingdom of Alcas avoid the cursed forest, Amira runs right in and finds a hidden garden in a cave. But this is no normal garden. It grows wishes!

Amira starts to steal wishes to help others, when she ends up in an evil conspiracy with a king who wants to destroy the garden. She won’t just stand by and let that happen! Amira meets the Gardener himself and discovers long-kept secrets and the true purpose of the garden. Much more is at stake here than just a cave full of wishes, and she may not be able to protect it on her own, but Amira has never asked anyone for help, ever.

Geared toward 12 years old and up, The Wish Gardener takes you into a world where rules can be broken, and the bonds of love and friendship are stronger than any magic. 

Look for the next books in the Wish Garden Trilogy: #2 New Wishes and #3 A Lasting Wish 

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Shirley knows she has what it takes to be a star. She’s talented, stubborn, and even has a wealthy father to fund her college classes at the most prestigious music and dance school in the country. But Shirley’s dreams of seeing her name in lights comes to an end when her father loses everything in the stock market crash of 1929. With nowhere else to go she’s forced to move in with her estranged uncle on his Idaho farm in the Teton Valley. 

Life on a farm during the great depression doesn’t suit this mollycoddled girl and she learns a few things about humility and generosity. Her short hair cut, and modern way of thinking get her unwanted attention in town and she ends up in trouble, real trouble behind bars. The only way out of her mess is to make a deal with a rude farmhand and do the last thing she wants to do but the only real good thing that’s come her way. 

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Clara Berlin is a proper lady with many virtues. One of them being the largest dowry on 18th century England shores. It doesn't take long 
before she has a line of gentlemen at her doorstep. 
Seventeen to be exact.
When Clara's Father decides on her suitor for his own selfish reasons, she outsmarts the both of them, quite without their knowing. Now Clara is given one month to decide on a husband for herself. But how will she know which gentlemen are there for her money and who are genuinely interested in her? Will she be utterly disappointed in them all only to end up with the man her father picked out in the first place? Or will she have trouble choosing, as she finds more than one to her liking?
With the proper rules of 18th century courtship and yet many ruthless men in the battleground of affection, Clara's Catch will keep you guessing and changing your mind at who you think Clara should choose.

Put Jane Austen in the Bachelorette, and you'll get Clara's Catch.
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Ben Mcallister has problems, let me list them for you: School, homework, detention, and three sisters. Yeah, I told you he had it rough. What should he do? Well, I can think of one thing. He can make friends with a talking white mouse who flies a rocket and sail through space and time. Don't worry. I'm sure that little rat knows where he's going. He does have the IQ of Einstein, or so he says. 

It seems like a good idea till Ben realizes all three of his sisters have come along for the ride. Everything ends up on his shoulders when they crash-land too early. Visiting an 1854 war hospital while a cat tries to eat their pilot isn't what they had in mind. Will they be able to regroup and find their way back through time and space? If they can make it safely home, what will Mom say?
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