Holly M. Anderson grew up loving to read. At a young age, she would hide books under her pillow and read at night by flashlight. She read every Babysitters Club book and wanted to solve mysteries just like Nancy Drew. She fell in love with fantasy when she picked up Ella Enchanted at age 13. In high school, she would climb a tree in her backyard to read and write.

Holly won a spot, for her poem, Living My History Book, in the 9/11 Memorial Concert with the Utah Philharmonic Orchestra, in 2016. She wrote a Mother’s Day tribute that was published on LDSliving.com, in 2016. She is a motivational speaker and puts on writing workshops for teens and tweens. She is currently on the look out for the perfect agent to represent her book, The Wish Gardener, a Middle-Grade fantasy novel.

Holly describes her writing as, “wholesome, entertaining stories where the reader can idolize characters for their courage, honesty, intelligence, and creativity, not just good looks or fighting skills.”

Holly currently lives in Northern Utah with her husband and four children.