2 Books that Changed the Way I See My Children

My four children keep me busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have three boys and one girl who demand much of my time and energy (both physical and emotional).  Since I love to read, I try to pick up books now and then that may assist me in my endeavor to raise happy children who feel loved.  In my reading, I have stumbled upon two books that do just that.  Both of these books have dramatically helped me become a more patient and understanding mother.


The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle.
This lady categorizes children into what she calls “Energy Types.” According to her theory, each child has two dominant types.  What I found helpful was not only the definition of each personality but her lists of how they are applicable to parents.  She explains how to identify hidden messages in your child’s behavior and how to help motivate them in a positive way.

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A Daily, Healthy Me

When I take an important issue, like my health, and break it down into daily routines, it is easier for me to stick to my goals. Here are some realistic tips that I use on a daily basis to be healthy:


Buy Healthy Snacks – 
I love to snack. I usually just snack the whole day till dinner.  This means I need plenty of healthy snacks around the house.  If I can use self-control at the grocery store, then I don’t have to use so much of it at home. If I don’t buy Oreo’s, then they will never end up in my cupboard tempting me to eat the whole package in two days, which I did in college… often.   Continue reading “A Daily, Healthy Me”

My Closet Makeover… step by step.

I don’t own a dresser.  There is just enough room in our master bedroom for a queen size bed and two small nightstands.  I have all of my clothes, shoes, socks, purses, you name it…. in my closet.


I used to be afraid to open my bedroom closet, for fear of being attacked by endless junk dumping on my head.  Much of the time, I couldn’t close the doors all the way because of the piles of shoes on the floor. I knew it was time for a change, so I decided to give my closet a complete makeover.  These are the 3 steps I took.

Step 1.  Empty your entire closet and ask yourself these 3 questions.

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