4 Things to Ask Yourself About How you Spend Your Time

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Yesterday my little 4-year-old girl and I spent some time with her Hello Kitty coloring book. We colored a few pages and talked about what was on her mind. After putting my 7-year-old son to bed, I stayed in his room last night and talked with him about his new book he got from the library and why he likes it. I read to my five-year-old yesterday while pausing at the small words I knew he could read. I pointed to each word as he sounded them out. Honestly, each time I spent quality time with one of my children it felt like it took forever, and yet, I know I need to spend more one-on-one time with each of my kids, and I’m glad to have the time to spend with them.

I spend time budgeting and worrying about how to spend money. Why not budget my time as well? I know I need to plan how I spend my time even more than money. We can earn more money, but time… time is something that we can’t get back.

Time is something we should all evaluate. So let’s all ask ourselves a few questions:

  1. How much time do you spend on Social Media? Yes, your magical little phone connects you to the world, easily and instantly, but how much of it is just connecting you to a waste of time?
  1. How much time do you spend sleeping? Are you getting enough sleep to be healthy? If you spent more time awake in the mornings and less time awake late in the evenings, would you be more on top of your day instead of feeling like the day runs you?
  1. How much time do you spend in conversations with people you really care about? This is when you ask yourself, “When’s the last time I called my mom and told her that I love her.”
  1. How much time do you spend learning how to improve yourself and trying to be better? Even if we dedicate a small amount of time to this subject, if we do it every day, we will see improvement. Whether it’s reading uplifting words, listening to encouraging talks, speeches, or sermons, or just spending a quiet moment writing down goals, we all need this time. Plan it and do it.

Ask yourself how you spend your time every day. Is the answer something you feel good and happy about? If you are honest, what would you like to change?

This quote is just right for the holidays. Time is valuable. Once it’s gone, you cannot get it back. What other “time evaluating” questions do you ask yourself? Leave them in the comments below!



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