Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened


Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quote


This quote is applicable in every stage of life, but I would like to reflect on motherhood with this simple poem.


Instead of crying, I’ll smile.


I’ll always remember when you were born

and forever changed my world.

I felt the warmth of a mother‘s love

for the tiniest baby girl.


I could cry cause I can’t hold you now

and sing you your favorite song.

Those days for playing patty cake

and hide and seek are now gone.


My tears could easily escape

recalling the first time you walked.

Your smile so big. I was so proud.

Just like the first time you talked.


You were teased. You felt sad.

Someone was mean, and you got mad.

I was the one who’d make you smile.

I loved how we’d sit and talk awhile.


I could easily cry and miss those days

now that you are gone.

With a family of your own,

you’ve grown up and moved on.


But instead I’ll sit in this rocking chair

and reminisce for a while.

I’ll choose to be glad it happened.

Instead of crying, I’ll smile.


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