Reading my Poem With the Utah Philharmonic Orchestra!


I am so excited! I am going to read my poem, Living my History Book, during the Utah Philharmonic Orchestra memorial 9/11 concert. It’ll be on September 10th, 2016, in Draper Utah. Click HERE to go to the UPO page for details about the concert. Join me LIVE this Thursday at 7pm MST for a prereading of my poem.

New York City Manhattan downtown skyline at night from Liberty Park with light beams in memory of September 11 viewed from New Jersey waterfront.

Living my History Book

I wake up at 5AM.

September means work, not play.

My alarm is loud and I’m off to school,

just like any other day.

The engine roars as I turn the key.

My books fall to the floor.

“Oh, It’s just Writing and History…

Who needs those anymore?”

When I turn the radio on,

I switch to NPR.

I go to school with tears in my eyes

and sloppily park the car.

I run into class.  The news is on.

I sit down and take a look.

That’s when I realize

I’m living my history book.

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