Living My History Book


New York City Manhattan downtown skyline at night from Liberty Park with light beams in memory of September 11 viewed from New Jersey waterfront.

I wake up at 5AM.

September means work, not play.

My alarm is loud and I’m off to school,

just like any other day.

The engine roars as I turn the key.

My books fall to the floor.

“Oh, It’s just Writing and History…

Who needs those anymore?”

When I turn the radio on,

I switch to NPR.

I go to school with tears in my eyes

and sloppily park the car.

I run into class.  The news is on.

I sit down and take a look.

That is when I realize

I am living my history book.

My life is put on hold,

as I watch those towers twin.

My teachers don’t even ask me

to turn my homework in.

The dark smoke

ascending into the sky

should be a black and white photo

on page 95.

But it’s not!

It’s Live, and in full HD.

I’m watching it happen,


I’ve learned about our History.

I’ve studied the acts of war.

I feel naive

cause I’d supposed

it didn’t happen anymore.

I see my teacher’s uncertainty

and I’ll always remember his look.

I’ll never forget, that morning… that day…

When I lived my history book.



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