Mother’s Day

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One day while attempting to clean, unpack from a family trip, and wash the laundry that accumulated from it, I heard a soft cry from the bottom of the stairs. It was my one-year-old daughter, Marie. She wasn’t yet used to our new house and the intimidating stairs that came with it.  She wanted me to carry her up the stairs, but I knew that she wouldn’t learn to do it by herself if I helped her every time.

I sat up at the top of the stairs and called for her by name. Upon hearing the sound of my voice, she climbed five steps only to look back, sit and slide safely down. I kept calling for her, and she did this again, and again. It was honestly difficult for me to see my little girl struggling for so long and over something I had the ability to fix, but I stayed at the top of the stairs calling for her. I kept encouraging her, saying,

“Don’t turn back. Just come up. Come to Mommy. Come to Mommy.”  Marie was only one-year-old.  She didn’t comprehend what I was saying, or why I wouldn’t just pick her up, but she did know one thing; she knew me.  She knew the sound of her mother’s voice, and she trusted me. Marie finally climbed toward me one last time. She whimpered and whined on every step until she made it to the warmth of my open arms.

It was then that I came to a profound realization. Throughout her life, Marie will have to learn and grow and do hard things.  I will see her make mistakes, and suffer consequences. I will have to let go and let her live her life, one step at a time.  There will be times when I will want just to pick her up and carry her over every hard thing, but I won’t be able to. I will watch her cry, laugh, make choices for herself, feel guilty and say sorry, change, and become better. What a wonderful, terrifying, joyous, yet heavy responsibility every mother has.

Now Marie is growing up. She is more her own, and less mine. I no longer hold her entire world in my arms anymore, but it is one of my greatest privileges to be her mom. It is endless, and no one can take it away.

So be sure to thank your mother this mother’s day for helping you in your life’s journey every step of the way.

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